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Application of Electrospinning Technology in Li-Ion Battery


The research topic aims at the classical Taylor cone and jet theory in electrospinning theory and the bending instability theory of nanofibers. At the same time, they summarize the properties of mostly non-Newtonian fluids for spinning fluids, and conclude research process and development of the instability of polymer fluids in electrospinning.

       The electrospinning parameters mainly include the concentration of the spinning solution, the spinning voltage, the receiving distance and the spinning solution supply rate. The study of electrospinning parameters mainly involves the influence of process parameters on the product's fiber diameter, porosity, strength and other performance indicators. By these data, the experimental results of a large number of different polymers with straight fibers can be summarized.

The change of the fiber diameter and the change of the spinning voltage are in the opposite directions, and the dimensional concentration of the liquid shows a positive change. In the study of influencing factors of fiber diameter, Song Yeping et al. established the fiber diameter prediction model by the Box-Behnken design (BBD) of the response surface method, which simplifies the experimental process and optimizes the spinning process through the model.

At present, lab electrospinning equipment mainly consists of single spinning type and coaxial type. Among them, the number of the former is mostly because it only has one spinneret and the equipment is easy to assemble; while the coaxial device mainly prepares a core-structured nanofiber, which requires different diameters of the spinning device and also has special requirements for the liquid supply device, so the assembly is more difficult.

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