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Biomedical Materials


Biomedical materials technical service

Biomedical materials, also called biomaterials, refers to a kind of material with special properties and functions, which is widely applied in body organ, surgical repair, physiotherapy recovery, diagnosis and cure disease without harmful effects to body organ.

Applications of Biomaterial 

Plastic Material for Burning and Artificial SkinRepaired Material for Cartilage, Bone and TeethRepaired Material for Cardiovascular SystemMaterial for Blood Purification and AdsorptionRepaired Material for Soft Tissues, Nerves and Spinal Cord

Clinical Diagnostic Materials for Biosensors and Molecular and Imaging Contrast Ageut  

Drugs (Genes) Controlled Release Carrier Material for the Treatment of Cancer, etc.

Different Types of Biomedical Materials

According to the clinical application, biomaterials can be divided into:

1. Repaired material for cartilage, bone and teeth;

2. Repaired material for cardiovascular system;

3. Plastic material for burning and artificial skin;

4. Material for blood purification and adsorption

5. Repaired material for soft tissues, nerves and spinal cord;

6. Clinical diagnostic materials for biosensors and molecular and imaging contrast ageut;

7. Drugs (genes) controlled release carrier material for the treatment of cancer, etc.

Our company has the professional Dr. team from foreign/home well-known universities to provide synthesis, modification, manufacture, evaluation of physical and chemical properties, cytological evaluation and animal experimental study of biomedical materials. Various biomedical materials are manufactured by natural materials, such as chitosan, collagen, silk fibroin, alginate sodium and hydroxyapatite, and produced by composite materials such as polylactic acid, PLGA, PCL, PUR, etc. The range of materials includes 3D-scaffold, aquagel, fiber scaffold, film, microballoons, nanoparticles, micelle, etc. And it is widely applied in tissue repair and regeneration and drug delivery.

Related papers are published in some journals, such as Advanced Functional Materials (IF 10.4), Blood (IF 9.7), Biomaterials (IF 8.3), Journal of Controlled Release (IF 7.2), Acta Biomaterialia (IF 5.6).

What’s more, we can offer some services such as the related projects declaration and cooperation. Welcome to contact us for more information!

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