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Bone and Cartilage Repair Materials


Bone defects are common clinical diseases. According to statistics, the number of patients with bone defects caused by diseases, trauma, and tumors exceeds 1 million per year. The repair of large-scale bone defects is still one of the difficult problems in orthopedic treatment.

Articular cartilage self-repair is limited to minor defects or minor lesions. Articular cartilage damage caused by sports injuries, diseases, etc., which cannot be repaired by itself or poorly repaired, will eventually develop into osteoarthritis and form a vicious circle. And therefore, how to repair articular cartilage damage and lesions has always been a hot and difficult problem in the field of orthopedics.

PLGA/fibrin gel scaffolds loaded with gene vector/functional gene composite nanoparticles were used to regenerate cartilage defects in New Zealand white rabbits, and a good repair effect was obtained. In addition, bone defect models can be used to evaluate bone scaffold materials. The related papers are published in the journals Biomaterials (IF 8.3), Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenertive Medicine (IF 4.4).

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