Efficient Needle-free Spinning Nanofiber Production Line MF01-004

Technical Data

Efficient Needle-free Spinning Nanofiber Production Line MF01-003

     Standard Configuration





High voltage 

VDC: 0~50KV, current≤2mA


Liquid system

  • Precious metering pump with low noise and no pulsation;

  • The liquid supply speed is continuously adjustable;

  • The storage tank capacity can be used for spinning in one day


Unwinding and rewinding device

  • An unwinding device with tension control,continuous rolling, max rolling diameter is 300mm, magnetic powder maximum braking torque 12Nm;

  • A rewinding device with tension control and automatic rectification device, continuous rolling, max rolling diameter is 300mm, range of winding tension control 0-100 N, control precision 0.5%;

  • Speed of unwinding and rewinding device: adjustable at the range of 0~2m/min;

  •        The cloth guide roller with direct contact with fiber membrane is treated with anti-sticking.


Spinning nozzle device

  • The spinning device uses spiral electrode as spinning electrode;

  • The width of the spinning electrode is 660mm, the solution coating device provides continuous and stable liquid supply, the coating speed of the coating device is adjustable from 0-100mm/s, and the effective width of the nanofiber film is adjustable from 100-660mm.The spinning distance is adjustable in the range of 100-200mm.


Collecting platform

Ø A metal plate serves as a grounding terminal or negative pole,continuous non - woven or melt-blown cloth as collected base material;

Ø Width of spinning receiver substrate: 660mm, spinning collection area≥660mm*500mm;

Product advantage
  • 01

    Automatic roll-to-roll system
  • 02

    Precious feeding system: corrosion resistance, high-voltage resistance
  • 03

    Temperature and humidity controllable
  • 04

    Safeguard system
  • 05

    Small risk with big return
  • 06

    Stable production, easy to maintain, can be copied to expand productivity as a unit

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