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Electrospinning Basic Theory


    The electrospinning method, also called polymer jet electrostatic stretching spinning method, is totally different from the conventional method. Firstly, the polymer solution or melt is charged with several thousand to tens of thousands of volts of high-voltage static electricity, and the charged polymer droplets are accelerated at the apex of the Taylor cone of the capillary by the force of the electric field. When the electric field force is large enough, the polymer droplets will form a jet stream against the surface tension. The thin stream evaporates or solidifies during the spraying process and eventually lands on the receiving device, forming a fiber mat like a nonwoven fabric. In the electrospinning process, the droplet usually has a certain electrostatic voltage and is in an electric field. And therefore, when the jet moves from the end of the capillary to the receiving device, an acceleration phenomenon occurs, resulting in the stretching of the jet in the electric field.

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