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Electrospinning Fiber Masks Turned Out


Recently, according to the Economic Daily, a mask that uses a fiber membrane prepared by electrospinning technology to form a tamper-proof filter element has been developed, and this technology will improve the anti-fog effect and comfort of the mask.

As we all know, the smog is very serious all over the country. Many people like to wear masks when they go out, but the traditional masks do not have a good effect on PM2.5 filtration. However, this kind of mask has a filtration efficiency of almost 100%, and the filtration effect on air-suspended particles with a diameter of 0.3 μm is as high as 99%. What is more worth reminding is that the filtration efficiency is so high that it does not increase the user's breathing burden. The pressure drop of the mask using this type of filter element is less than the respiratory resistance of the person, so it does not affect the smoothness of the breath. Moreover, since the porosity of the electrospinning fiber membrane is high, the exhaled gas does not accumulate in the mask for a long time, which improves the comfort of use.

     This mask with electrospinning nanofiber membrane achieves both smog resistance and smooth breathing. Mainly attributed to electrospinning nanofiber membranes, electrospinning technology is increasingly used in today's society, especially industrial production line equipment, "Foshan Qingzi Nano" MF01-660 electrospinning nanofiber industrial production line equipment is also in the front of the times, breaking through the traditional shackles and being the first to develop an electrospinning nanofiber device with a core optimized array needle process, international needle head density, uniform electric field, without dripping or blocking. The equipment that meets the requirements for producing such a fiber membrane for anti-fog masks has high requirements. The conventional PP melt-blown materials, such as the anti-fog mask produced by 3M, are expensive to prepare, and the anti-fog filter prepared by electrospinning nanofibers has the characteristics of high cost performance, high filtration efficiency and low air resistance. It has long-term cooperation with many domestic manufacturers of mask fiber filter membranes and air purifier fiber filter membrane types. It is believed that the electrostatics of Foshan Qingzi Nano are adopted. Spinning equipment will have a certain impetus to the mass production and promotion of this new type of electrospinning fiber membrane mask.

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