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Electrospinning Technology Promotes Wound Healing


Recently, a piece of news from the Global Times, researchers at the VTT Technology Research Center in Finland developed a 3D printed material for wound care using cellulose nanofibers, which is connected to a computer via electronic components. Furthermore, that material can also send information to the medical staff on the wound healing of the wounded.

Overview of difficult-to-heal wounds

Wound healing is a complex repair process whose healing process is roughly divided into four phases: coagulation, inflammation, epidermal cell migration and proliferation, skin formation and remodeling. However, there are still many wounds in the clinic that cannot initiate the physiological healing mechanism. Therefore, the wound is still open or partially healed for several weeks or months of injury.

In fact, nanofiber membranes have long been found to be a feature of healing wound. There is existing studies showing that if a biocompatible, biodegradable nanofiber membrane is covered in a wound, the wound will heal quickly and will not cause complications. This is because the electrospinning nanofiber wound excipients have enough voids to ensure their exchange with the outside world and other bacteria, while preventing the invasion of bacteria. The electrospinning fiber membrane has good adhesion to wet wounds, and the large specific surface area is beneficial to the absorption of liquid and the local release of the drug on the skin, which makes these materials suitable for wound closure and hemostasis, and with traditional wound dressings. Compared with, it has the characteristics of good absorption, selective penetration, good fit, versatility and no scar.

Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, manufacture and technical services of electrospinning science and education equipment, electrospinning nanofiber production equipment and biological 3D printing equipment. The development of a number of electrospinning machine is to use the principle of electrospinning to prepare nanofiber membranes, so that the wounds can heal quickly and protect the wounds in time.

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