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How about the effect of N95 mask and children mask filter material produced by nano-fiber material?


Nanofiber material is a new kind of membrane material.The filtration efficiency of nanofibers mainly depends on the physical interception and the Van Der Waals force of nanomaterials to filter more fine particles.It can have a high filtration efficiency for both PM2.5 and even PM1.0, especially for nano-level viruses and other infectious microorganisms with a good isolation effect.


Before the outbreak, the performance of high efficiency and low resistance was realized mainly by combining with traditional filtration membrane. After the outbreak, there was a large shortage of melt-blown materials, the price of which soared and the quality was uneven, so the pure nano-fiber filter masks were born.


In the melt-blown cloth shortage, Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co., Ltd. quickly launched the pure nano-fiber membrane and production equipment.It can produce particulate filtration efficiency of > 80% (medical surgical mask is > 30%), BFE filtration efficiency is greater than 98% (medical surgical mask is greater than 95%), and the air resistance of the finished mask is 25Pa (medical surgical mask < 49Pa).The excellent performance of the nano-fiber filter membrane, a single device can meet the production needs of 100,000-120,000 surgical masks filter membrane. The nanofiber masks developed by Qingzi Nano have been tested by Guangdong Medical Instrument Research Institute and all meet the filtration performance standards of medical masks. The nanofiltration membrane is superior to 90% of the melt-blown membrane materials on the market. Can be used for medical surgical mask YY0469-2011; Disposable surgical mask YY0969-2013; General respirator (T/ ctca7-2019); Disposable mask for children (T/GDMDMA 0005 -- 2020);"Daily respirator" T/GDBX 025-2020 grade A; CE standard surgical mask (EN 14683-2019) and other mask application standards.To avoid the problem of mask quality instability caused by the great difference in filter quality of melt-blown material.


In addition, antibacterial materials can be added in the production process of nanofibers, which can effectively kill viruses. Its antibacterial and bactericidal efficiency can reach more than 99.95%, is an important choice of functional masks (such as sterilization, removal of formaldehyde, with fragrance, refreshing, etc.). It can achieve multiple functions at the same time, providing more options for the post-epidemic market.

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