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How To Judge The Quality Of The Mask?


Some time ago, because of the shortage of masks, a lot of people buy fake masks, therefore, the Internet spread a lot of methods to identify the authenticity of masks, some say, can not burn is the real mask;Some say watertight is true mask;Some people say that breathing difficulties are real masks.But is it true to tell if a mask is real?The answer is that the above method is not scientific, really identify whether a mask product has protective performance, mainly to verify the filter performance of the mask.Now teach you a few more scientific screening mask performance method.

1. Let smoking friends smoke a cigarette, and then in the mouth containing, quickly cover the mouth mask seal, and then blow out the smoke, the less smoke from the outer mask, the best filtering performance of the mask.Of course, respiratory resistance should also be evaluated. If the mask emits less smoke and breathes more smoothly, the filtration performance of the mask is very good.But if the smoke is very little, but it is difficult to breathe, it means that the breathing resistance of the mask is too large, is not a very good mask.

2. Some masks are very thin and look like fake masks, but they can filter better than most masks.So you can't evaluate a mask simply from its appearance.

3. Comparison of performance standards. It can be seen from the mask standards in front that the protective effect of surgical mask is not the best, but the performance comparison should be made according to the performance standards.However, it is not said that the implementation standard of the label on the mask packaging box is the best reference, need to see the comparison of the test report., of course, these are not omnipotent, after all, now the whole membrane market so disorderly, mask manufacturers no stable supply source, production out of the mask quality difference is bigger, also can appear even though all the qualifications to be complete, but for the supply of materials, lead to actual production masks quality difference is big, there are many unqualified products mixed in it.Therefore, consumers can make a subjective evaluation through the Suggestions in article 1.

It is suggested that manufacturers strictly control the product quality of masks, including the supply quality of raw materials such as filter membrane, after all, the performance of masks is directly related to the health of consumers, the better the quality, the longer the enterprise.It is suggested that the mask manufacturer should equip corresponding testing instruments for incoming material testing, including: automatic filter material meter, tensile tester, etc.

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