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How To Make Dressings, Cell Culture Scaffolds, Tissue Patches and Instant Tablets Using Biomaterials Micro-nano Electrospinning Machines?


Biomaterial micro-nano electrospinning machine

Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co., Ltd is located in the national high-tech industrial development zone. It is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the design, production, sales, and technical services of electrospinning science and education equipment, electrospinning nanofiber production line, biological materials 3D printing equipment, nanofiber products, and nanomaterials. Has developed a number of advanced technology electrospinning products. Qingzi nanotechnology, using nanotechnology to change the world.


Biomaterial micro-nano electrospinning machine

l Preparation of dressing;

l Cell culture scaffold printing;

l Biological tissue patch printing;

l Preparation of instant tablets.

Biomaterial micro-nano electrospinning machine application


In 2006, the QINGZI group firstly developed the technique of near-field electrospinning. Precisely ordered and highly oriented nanofiber arrays were prepared when the collector was placed 0.5-5 mm to the nozzle and the motion of these two parts was precisely controlled.


Near Electrospinning Technology Classification


Solution Near-field Electrospinning

Solution near-field electrospinning process, the printing material is prepared into a solution and using electrostatic field print orientation nanofibers. It can produce a fiber orientation controllable fiber diameter range is 50nm-20μm, the solution electrospun near-field has more suitable materials.


Melt near-field electrospinning

Melt Near-field electrospinning process, the printed material is heated and melted, assisted with the electrostatic field, fibers with a diameter range of 500nm-50μm can be prepared, high 3D printing capability, very suitable for producing three-dimensional biological tissue engineering scaffolds.


Near field electrospinning equipment parameters

High voltage power supply: 0-30kv, adjustable;

Solution spinning nozzle: solution supply volume at least 10μl/h;

Melt spinning nozzle: nozzle temperature: 0-300℃, adjustable, precision pneumatic extrusion;

Printing environment temperature: indoor temperature -50℃, adjustable;

Collection platform: printing range 150*150mm, platform speed: 0-200mm/s, resolution: 50nm;

Nozzle height: 0-80mm, adjustable, resolution: 50nm;

Printable materials: PE0, PVA, PLA, PCL, PLGA, chitosan, sodium alginate, collagen, hydroxyapatite, PVDF and other hundreds of organic or inorganic materials;

User-defined patterns printable;

3D structure printable;

Optional: collector temperature controllable; multi-needle device.


Application: Composite hernia repair tablet, high-strength abdominal wall hernia repair tablet, pelvic floor mesh, bladder mesh, regenerated artificial ligament, artificial Achilles tendon, artificial blood vessel, dural membrane, bone induced regenerated membrane, artificial tendon, absorbable hemostatic material, anti-adhesion membrane, anti-infection membrane, in-situ regenerated membrane, urethral stent


Electrospinning technology: electrically charged polymer solution or melt is stretched and refined in high-voltage electrostatic field, accompanied by solvent volatilization or melt solidification, and becomes micro-nano-level fiber, which is deposited on the receiving device to form nanofiber film material with a certain accumulation density.

Features of electrospinning materials: High porosity; Small aperture; High specific surface area.

Application: air filtration, water filtration, battery diaphragm, electrode material, tissue engineering, drug sustained release, drug delivery, dressings, artificial skin,  heavy metal ion adsorption, gas sensor, waterproof and moisture permeable clothing, catalyst, reinforcement, etc.

Polluted waste treatment: heavy metal ion adsorption, acid-base treatment, organic waste gas treatment, organic wastewater treatment, small molecule pollutant adsorption, etc.;

Filtering separation: suspension particles, PM2.5 mask, air filtration, water filter, sifting, oil-water separation, extraction, seawater desalination, etc.;

Biological medicine: air-filtration, drug delivery, dressing, drug extract, tissue engineering scaffold, biological testing,  cosmetics, anti-microbial, artificial organ, enzyme immobilization, etc.;

New energy: organic solar cells, li-ion electrode material, sodium-ion battery material, fuel cell, li-ion battery separator, photocatalytic hydrolysis, etc.;

Electronic information: gas sensors, humidity sensors bioinstrumentation, flexible circuit, microfluidic chip, micro/nanodevice, etc.;

Catalysis: organic wastewater and gas catalytic treatment, photocatalysis, chemocatalysis, etc.;

Defense industry: missile insulation, stealth wave-absorbing, light isolated material, electromagnetic shielding, etc.;

Other: food processing, composite enhancing, antiseptic, waterproof and moisture permeable, aerogel, high temperature insulating, keeping warm, etc.

Common Electrospinning Materials

1. Water solubility
PEO  polyoxyethylene
PVA   polyvinyl alcohol
PVP   polyvinylpyrrolidone

2. Water-insoluble
PVDF  polyvinylidene fluoride
PAN    polyacrylonitrile
PU   polyurethane
PA    Nylon, polyamide
PS   polystyrene
PC  polycarbonate
CA   cellulose acetate
PMMA polymethyl methacrylate
PET Polyethylene terephthalate

3. Biocompatibility
PCL   polycaprolactone
PLA   polylactic acid
CS      chitosan
SA      Sodium Alginate
SF      silk fibroin
HA     hyaluronic acid

Natural polymer: milk, chocolate, protein, collagen, aquogel, sodium alginate, cellulose, etc.;
Synthetic polymer: hundreds of polymers, such as PCL, PLGA, PLLA, nylon, PVDF, PVA, PEO, PAN, etc.;
Ceramic materials: hydroxyapatite, TiO2, SnO, SiO, etc.;
Composite fiber: carbon fiber, PAN-base, PBI-base, etc.


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