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Medical Mask PTFE Membrane

Medical Mask PTFE Membrane

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Medical Mask PTFE Membrane
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Nanometer PTFE mask film


1. Nanoscale, only one-hundredth of the thickness of a hair;
2. It can replace melt-blown cloth, and its index can meet the technical requirements of P95 (P95 refers to the filtration efficiency of both oily and non-oily particles can reach more than 95%);
3. The price is lower than that of melt-blown cloth, and the indicators are much better than that of melt-blown cloth and reach the medical standard;

4. It can be used continuously for 30 days with almost no reduction in indicators. Only one flush on the tap every day can be used again the next day;
5. Filtration efficiency up to 99%;
6. High barrier efficiency, long service life, light, and breathable.

KN95 Medical mask PTFE membrane

The special feature of nanofiber masks is that the middle layer is composed of a nanofiber membrane with a smaller pore diameter (100-200 nm), which is generally PTFE material.

PTFE film prepared by the unidirectional or bidirectional stretching method has a spiderweb-type microporous structure on the surface and has very complex changes in the three-dimensional structures such as reticular connection, hole insert and sleeve, and channel bending, etc., so it has excellent surface filtration function. Nanofiber masks made of this material have the characteristics of high barrier efficiency, long service life, thin and air permeability, which is a new direction for the development of masks in the future.

Why is the PTFE film mask better than a traditional mask?

The protective function of the membrane mask is very strong, which is far better than the general mask. Answer this question from two angles. First of all, membrane masks have a better filtering effect. This is mainly because the membrane of PTFE mask is used as a filter material for membrane masks. The fiber diameter of this material is very small (generally between hundreds of nanometers), far smaller than the particulate matter in the air, such as PM2.5 (2500 nanometers), so it can be highly isolated. However, ordinary masks are made of non-woven materials, and the filter fiber has a large diameter (between 1000 and 5000 nanometers), so the protective effect is certainly not as good as the PTFE mask film.

Secondly, the PTFE mask membrane takes advantage of its small fiber diameter and USES the physical principle to isolate air particles, which has a more stable and lasting protective effect. However, in order to improve the filtration effect, ordinary masks will rely on electrostatic effect to absorb particles. However, the electrostatic effect is easy to be invalidated by the change of water vapor temperature and other conditions in the air, so the effective protection time is also short.

Medical mask PTFE membrane

[Product Features]

1) Adopting unique paste extruding and bidirectional stretching technology, the fiber diameter can reach less than 100nm, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and low resistance.
2) Pure physical filtration mechanism, long-term storage efficiency will not decrease, safe and reliable; After boiling water or alcohol disinfection and sterilization, the efficiency will not decline and can be reused.
3) The three-layer structure polytetrafluoroethylene nano-filter obtained by the combination of PTFE nano-pore film and the upper and lower two layers of non-woven cloth has obvious advantages, such as lower resistance, higher efficiency, and less risk of damage during post-processing and use, compared with the common two-layer structure filter.
4) It can completely block non-oily and oily particles, with over 99% protection effect on droplet, dust, aerosol, bacteria and virus, and low respiratory resistance. It is a breakthrough change in the field of masks.

[Product Application] The products are widely used in KN95 masks, medical protective masks, medical-surgical masks, ordinary masks
and other fields.

Medical mask PTFE membrane

Product Specification

* Can be customized according to customer needs

Medical surgical mask PTFE membrane                
Medical-Surgical Masks
KN95 masks PTFE membrane                
KN95 Masks
children mask PTFE membrane                
Children Masks

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