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Multi-functional Composite Electrospinning Machine MBP02-003

Multi-functional Composite Electrospinning Machine MBP02-003

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multi-functional composite electrospinning machine MBP02-003

Product name: Multi-functional Composite Electrospinning Machine

Product model: MBP02-003

This product can be used to prepare composite ordered/disordered nanofiber films according to different printing requirements of melt/solution spinning. Meet different research needs.

composite ordered/disordered nanofiber films


High voltage power supply: (1) positive high voltage: 0- 50kV;(2) negative high voltage: 0-30kV; 

Melting nozzle system: heating temperature 0-300 ℃; 

Solution spinning system: needles of different specifications  can be changed at will; 

Solution near-field spinning system: liquid feeding speed:  minimum 10uL/h.

Effective collection area: 100mm×100mm.

Electrospinning technology: electrically charged polymer solution or melt is stretched and refined in a high-voltage electrostatic field, accompanied by solvent volatilization or melt solidification, and becomes micro-nano-level fiber, which is deposited on the receiving device to form nanofiber film material with a certain accumulation density.

Features of electrospinning materials: High porosity; Small aperture; High specific surface area.

Application: air filtration, water filtration, battery diaphragm, electrode material, tissue engineering, drug sustained release, drug delivery, dressings, artificial skin, heavy metal ion adsorption, gas sensor, waterproof and moisture permeable clothing, catalyst, reinforcement, etc.

◆ Polluted waste treatment: Heavy metal ion adsorption, Acid-base treatment, organic waste gas treatment, organic wastewater treatment, small molecule pollutant adsorption, etc.;
◆ Filtering Separation: Suspension particles, PM2.5 mask, Air filtration, water filter, sifting, oil-water separation, extraction, seawater desalination, etc.;
◆ Biological medicine: drug delivery, dressing, drug extract, tissue engineering scaffold, Biological testing, Cosmetics, antimicrobial, artificial organ, enzyme immobilization, etc.;
◆ New energy: organic solar cells, li-ion electrode material, sodium-ion battery material, fuel cell, li-ion battery separator, photocatalytic hydrolysis, etc.;
◆ Electronic information: gas sensors, humidity sensors bioinstrumentation, flexible circuit, microfluidic chip, micro/nanodevice, etc.;
◆ Catalysis: Organic wastewater and gas catalytic treatment, photocatalysis, chemocatalysis, etc.;
◆ Defense Industry: missile insulation, stealth wave-absorbing, light isolated material, electromagnetic shielding, etc.;
◆ Other: food processing, composite enhancing, antiseptic antistaling, waterproof and moisture permeable, aerogel, high temperature insulating, keeping warm, etc.;

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