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Nanofiber  Facial Mask Production Line

Nanofiber Facial Mask Production Line

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Our company's new nanofiber mask production line, together with the spinning raw materials to help you easily develop and produce a new type of functional nanofiber mask.

Benefits of nanofiber facial mask:
Electrospinning nanofibers have the advantages of diversity, high specific surface area, high porosity, and good air permeability, which can absorb and release essence more effectively and fit the skin better. The mask base material also may according to the need to add the effective component to carry on the electrospinning, enhances the masking effect.
1. Good sense of application
Good characteristics of percutaneous release/cosmetic active ingredients. Within a certain period of time, the drug/cosmetic active ingredient is completely released at a certain rate to achieve the desired cosmetic efficacy.
2. Fast absorption
As a drug delivery carrier, nanofiber has a great specific surface area and porous structure, strong mutual penetration with other substances, which is very conducive to the diffusion and dissolution of drugs, so as to overcome the cuticle on the skin molecule penetration resistance, improve the number of cosmetic ingredients through the skin, improve the percutaneous absorption of drugs.
3. Final product form: facial mask, forehead patch, eye patch, acne patch

  1. Equipment name: Nanfiber facial mask production line;

  2. Width: 660 mm;

  3. Delivery time: 15-20 days;

  4. Equipment composition: spinning module + winding module + drying module + electric control module + liquid supply module;

  5. Floor area: 9m (length) *2.8m (width) *2.5m (height);

  6. Equipment power: 20KW;

  7. Base material: release paper, non - woven cloth, gauze, etc;

  8. Raw material cost includes: spinning aid, solvent, essence

  9. 1) Spinning AIDS: USD 43 /kg;

  10. 2) Solvent: USD 1 /kg;

  11. 3) Essence: Provided by the customer;

  12. Cost of spinning liquid: $5 /kg (not containing essence). The spinning liquid needs to have the right viscosity and conductivity;

  13. Production workers: the equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and the production personnel have no experience, education background, and basic requirements;1 person can operate the equipment;

Nanofiber mask production line

        Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co., Ltd has been engaged in the research and development of nanofiber functional new materials and equipment and has obtained high-level and high-quality certification. In the early stage, our company has been based on nanofiber functional film and has been widely used as a core filter layer in biomedical, waterproof isolation, water purification, and other fields.
         With our powerful and innovative research and development team, Qingzi Nano has established close cooperation with Nanyang Technological University, Xiamen University, Tsinghua University, Sun Yatsen University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology and Jinan University. Our techniques and products have been widely applied in the field of environment, energy, electronics, biomedical, etc. Our electrospinning products have been awarded as innovative high-tech products.
        Qingzi Nano owns more than 80 patents, including over 50 patents for inventions on the techniques and equipment of electrospinning, bio-3D printing, and electrospray printing.
        Qingzi Nano’s MF is the equipment of a series of a nanofiber production line, including needle spinning( MF01-001 and MF01-002) and needle-free spinning (MF03-002 and MF04-002) series. It is based on electrospinning technology to produce nanofiber membranes in high efficiency and quantity production, which can meet the growing need for nanofiber applications and achieve industrial benefits.

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