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Nanofiber Instant Facial Masks

Nanofiber Instant Facial Masks

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Nanofiber Instant Facial Masks

A. Nanofiber Material

Nanofiber materials, with small fiber diameter, large specific surface area, and other characteristics, used in skin care products can enhance the adaptability of skin tissue to the external environment, significantly improve the product's pharmaceutical load capacity and adsorption capacity, and show excellent oxygen, water vapor infiltration capacity.


B. Compared to traditional facial masks

Different from traditional facial masks, nanofiber instant facial masks are made by spinning the added ingredients into the fibers and delivering them to the human body steadily and evenly through contact with the skin. For example, a dry mask can be made into a film by adding certain drugs to it, and can also be used for skin care and treatment.

C. Nanofiber instant facial mask vs. traditional facial mask

Nanofiber instant facial mask vs. traditional facial mask

Facial Mask

Traditional facial mask

Nanofiber instant facial mask

Raw materials and paper types

Nonwoven fiber, chemical fiber

Water-soluble nanofiber



Very high


The fibers are microscale

The fibers are nanoscale

Skin fit is only 30%

Skin fit > 90%

Insufficient absorption of nutrient solution

Ensure full absorption of nutrient solution

White base material, not beautiful

Transparent base material, beautiful and generous

Material used up discarded, waste material

Solid mask, no essence leakage

The liquid will flow down, and the masks will be wet all over

Excellent fitness, concentrated essence will not flow down

No preservatives are needed

D. Nanofiber facial mask production equipment parameters


1. Equipment name: Nanofiber facial mask production line;

2. Width: 660 mm;

3. Delivery time: 15-20 days;

4. Equipment composition: spinning module + winding module + drying module + electric control module + liquid supply module;

5. Floor area: 9m (length) *2.8m (width) *2.5m (height);

6. Equipment power: 20KW;

7. Base material: release paper, non - woven cloth, gauze, etc;

8. Raw material cost includes: spinning aid, solvent, essence

9. 1) Spinning AIDS: USD 43 /kg;

10. 2) Solvent: USD 1 /kg;

11. 3) Essence: Provided by the customer;

12. Cost of spinning liquid: $5 /kg (not containing essence). The spinning liquid needs to have the right viscosity and conductivity;

13. Production workers: the equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and the production personnel have no experience, education background, and basic requirements;1 person can operate the equipment;

E. Facial mask basic production process

Spinning liquid blending→The substrate cloth is installed on the machine→Electrospinning→Drying→Winding→Slitting→Packing→Selling

F. The characteristics and advantages of electrospinning nanofiber facial mask

The characteristics and advantages of electrospinning nanofiber facial mask

(1) Nanofiber membrane as the use of the form;

(2) Nanofibers range in diameter from tens to hundreds of nanometers;

(3) Nanofibers contain carrier polymers and cosmetic active components;

(4) Great specific surface area and excellent pore structure can greatly improve the load rate of active ingredients in the mask;

(5) Has a strong penetration, conducive to the diffusion of active ingredients;

(6) The carrier polymer solvent is water or alcohol, which is green, safe and environmentally friendly;


Non-woven facial mask

l Thick material, the skin feels closed, airtight;

l Not fit, there are wrinkles and dead angle, easy to have bubbles;

l Can't stick too long, after the mask is dry, can absorb moisture on the face.


Silk facial mask

l The material is light and thin, and the skin can breathe freely;

l Perfect fit, the mask is not easy to fall off;

l Stick how long will not absorb moisture on the face.


Nanofiber facial mask

l The mask is dry and does not need to add any preservatives;

l Facial masks say goodbye to the awkwardness of being too wet.

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