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Nanofiber Mask Material Production Equipment

Nanofiber Mask Material Production Equipment

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In 2020, the mask officially became the most important strategic material for the national economy. As the core filter layer of the mask, "melt-blown cloth" mainly has the following problems:

1. Large gap, short supply.

2. As of February 29, melt-blown fabric prices were $57,468 / ton (continuing upward trend...).

3. Delivery date: delivery cannot be made on time or has been delayed.

4. The quality is low, and the fake and inferior melt-blown fabric emerges one after another in the market.

How to do?

It is urgent to find alternative products!

Nanofiber membranes can replace melt-blown cloth as a filter material for masks and solve the problem of repeated use of masks, chinanews.com reported recently. Premier Li Keqiang has asked the Drug Regulatory Authorities to speed up the review and, once approved, increase mass production. Li stressed that masks are now "weapons" for medical workers and "shields" for ordinary people.

Nanofiber N95, Children's Mask Filter Equipment  


The nanofiber filter membrane referred to by Premier Li has become an important substitute for melt-blown cloth.

How to choose the filter material equipment?

As nanofibers industrialization leading enterprises, Qingzi Nano early in 2004 began to set up the team, has been developed and selling series of industrialization of nanofiber production line, have a reliable production technology solutions, but for the material of this outbreak instead of melt-blown fabric production provide a full range of production equipment and production instruction, can rapid delivery, let you mass production immediately, and solve the problem of melt-blown material shortage.

The nanofilm filter membrane independently developed by our company has bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 97% and non-oily particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) of 67.4%. The pressure difference is less than 10.9pa, which is far higher than the standard of medical surgical mask. If two layers of nanofiltration membrane are made, the filtration effect of N95 can be achieved. This membrane formulation will be provided with the equipment.

Nanofiber Mask, N95, Children Mask Filter Equipment  

Nanofiber Mask Flter Production Line


  • 01
    4000~8000㎡/24h (to meet the raw material demand of 100,000-200,000 face masks, 25-30 masks /㎡).
  • 02
    The filtration efficiency of the double layer nanofiltration membrane is more than 90%.
  • 03
    The fiber is nanometer level, relying on physical interception, there is no electrostatic disappearance.
Nanofiber Mask, N95, Children Mask Filter Equipment
  • 04
    The nanofiber materials produced by the equipment are mainly used to replace melt-blown materials. The resistance, BFE, PFE and so on are better than melt- blown cloth.
  • 05
    No electret treatment is needed, the protection effect is longer.
  • 06
    The material cost of producing nanofiltration membrane (30 days) is only 5% of the cost of melt-blown cloth.
FCC Certificate of MF03-002                
FCC Certificate
CE Certificate of MF03-002                
CE Certificate
bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 97%

bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 97%


Enterprise Background

As early as 2004, the technical team of Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qingzi Nano) was established. The company is located in Foshan national high-tech industrial development zone, focusing on the research and development of electrospinning nano-fiber technology and equipment. In view of the epidemic situation, our company cooperated with The State Key Laboratory of Precision Electronic Manufacturing Technology and Equipment of the Guangdong University of Technology, The Numerical Control Equipment Collaborative Innovation Research Institute of the Nanhai District Guangdong University of Technology, and the Jihua Laboratory to develop the production equipment scheme of the nano-fiber filtration membrane.

Qingzi Nano Factory  

Qingzi Nano nanofiber mask filter material equipment is now online, welcome to consult and purchase! First purchase, early production, quick return. We have a tight schedule, please buy as soon as possible.      

non-oily particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) of 67.4%
non-oily particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) of 67.4%
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