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Nanofiber Melt-blown Machine MF04-002


Nanofiber Melt-blown Machine MF04-002

Nanofiber Melt-blown Machine MF04-002

Product Introduction


◆ PFE 95+ was achieved by processing the melt-blown cloth;

Width: 660 mm;

Equipment composition: winding and unwinding system + liquid supply cart + electric cabinet + spinning workshop + drying device;

Maximum production speed: 12~13 m/min;

Capacity: ≥250 KG/Day;

Raw material cost: $843-1,404 for the nanofibers needed to process a ton of melt-blown cloth.

Customer Test Data

Nanofiber Melt-blown Fabric Customer Test Data

Spunlace before processing, PFE 31.9688%
Nanofiber Melt-blown Fabric Filtration Efficiency                
After Processing, it reaches PFE 97%
Melt-blown Fabric Before Processing                
Melt-blown Fabric Before Processing, PEF 98.578%
Nanofiber Melt-blown Fabric Filtration Efficiency                
Melt-blown Fabric After Processing, PFE 99.241%
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