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Notice of the 6th National Electrospinning& Nanofiber Conference


Notice of the 6th National Electrospinning& Nanofiber Conference

Civil-military integration for common development

The conference will have academic communication and discussion about electrospinning technology and nanofiber and the related fields at home and aboard, which aims at promoting green development, academic communication and production-learning-research integration. It will strengthen communications and cooperation between scientists and industrial members in this field. 

In Dec. 2012, the 1st National Electrospinning and Nanofiber Conference was held in Changchun Jilin University. In Apr. 2014, the 2nd conference (jointly organized with the 24th Chinese Chemical Society) was held in Beijing University. In 2015, the 3rd conference was held in Qingdao University. In 2016, the 4th conference was held in Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In 2017, the 5th conference (jointly organized with Chinese Society for Composite Materials) was held in Hangzhou. And the number of participants rose up to 300 from 50, and all the sessions have been crowned with success.

The 6th conference is going to be held in Jiangxi Normal University from Nov. 30th to Dec. 2nd, 2018. It establishes a communication platform for fellow scholars at home and aboard, related enterprises and financial platform through some activities such as invited papers, project presentations, production-learning-research forums and wall papers. They will jointly discuss the new international development direction, seek and develop interdisciplinary, inter-region and cross-border cooperation platform. The administration team will publish a special edition with 15-20 excellent papers with Composites Communications. Warmly welcome every submission and participant, and sincerely hope to meet you in Nanchang, Jiangxi!

1. Conference purpose:

Civil-Military Integration, Collaborative Innovation, Exchanges& Cooperation, Seek Common Development

2. Conference Thesis

1). New electrospinning theory, technology and device;

2). Electrospinning organic polymer materials nanofiber;

3). Electrospinning organic/inorganic composite material nanofiber;

4). Electrospinning inorganic material nanofiber;

5). Electrospinning applications in biomedical, nano-spinning, functional clothing, catalysis, gas/liquid filtration, energy storage and filtration, flexible device, 3D printing, memory material and electromagnetic shielding;

6). Production-learning-research forum (international trade, new technologies/product release, company introduction, technical cooperation/transfer, etc.).

3. Time&Location:

Time: Nov. 30th –Dec. 2nd, 2018

Location: Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang, Jiangxi

4. Sponsor:

Jiangxi Normal University

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