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Prices Have Risen More Than 30 Times In Three Months, And The Market For Melt-blown Cloth Is In Turmoil


Nanofiber Mask, N95, Children Mask Filter Equipment

In the early stage of the epidemic, coupled with the Spring Festival holiday, China also faced the problem of insufficient supply of masks.And melt-blown cloth is the "heart" of the mask, if the surgical mask does not have melt-blown cloth, it is no different from a piece of ordinary cloth.Melt-blown cloth became the focus of resources, market competition continues to be white-hot, the price has soared, the price of each ton of melt-blown cloth has risen from the beginning of the year 2825 USD to 84739-98862 USD, still in short supply.


According to the China textile industry association's public information shows that melt-blown cloth, the full name of melt-blown non-woven cloth, is the core material of surgical masks.This kind of mask generally adopts three layers of non-woven fabric structure, in which the inner and outer two layers are mainly made of spunbonded non-woven fabric, and the middle layer is generally melt-blown fabric.Spun-bonded nonwoven fabric and melt-blown fabric from raw material to process completely different, the former high fat soluble polypropylene, dissolve fat range mainly in 31-44, and the middle layer is fat soluble polypropylene, dissolve fat calls for more than 45, fiber diameter of the two are completely different, the former requirement at 20 microns, and melt-blown fiber diameter of only 2 microns.


Because it is a medical material, the production of the degree of cleanliness, aseptic control and other technical aspects have very high requirements, a regular production line investment in nearly 1.5 million USD.But as the epidemic spread around the world, the demand for masks exploded, as the raw material of the melt-blown cloth all the way up, production and trade gradually towards disorder, resulting in chaos.


How to do?


It is urgent to find alternative products!


Nanofiber membranes can replace melt-blown cloth as a filter material for masks and solve the problem of repeated use of masks, chinanews.com reported recently. Premier Li Keqiang has asked the Drug Regulatory Authorities to speed up the review and, once approved, increase mass production. Li stressed that masks are now "weapons" for medical workers and "shields" for ordinary people.


The detection performance of Qingzi Nano nanofiber membrane products

Test Item

Qingzi Nano Product

Government Standard

Comparative Result

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)




Non-oily Particulate Filtration Efficiency67.4%


Pressure Difference10.9PA≤49PAExceed√


The nanofilm filter membrane independently developed by our company single layer has bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 97% and non-oily particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) of 67.4%. The pressure difference is less than 10.9pa, which is far higher than the standard of medical surgical mask. If two layers of nanofiltration membrane are made, the filtration effect of N95 can be achieved. This membrane formulation will be provided with the equipment.

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