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Production-Learning-Research of Electrospinning Seminar 2018


On April 16th, 2018, Production-Learning-Research of Electrospinning Seminar 2018 was successfully held by Guangdong University of Technology(GDUT), Foshan Lepton Precision Measurement&Control Technology Co., Ltd.(QINGZI NANO), and GDUT Collaborative Innovation Research of CNC Equipment in Foshan, China. Wang Han, the CTO of QINGZI NANO, Chen Xindu, the senior technology consultant of QINGZI NANO, and Xiong Wei, the vice president of GDUT Collaborative Innovation Research of CNC Equipment together took part in the opening ceremony and had speeches. The participants includes not only many experts, scholars in electrospinning field, but also leaders and technicians in related fields such as filtration and biomedical material.

In the morning, some electrospinning experts were invited to have theme reports.

(Pictures are sequenced according to the time)

Prof. Liu Yanbo

from Wuhan Textile University/ Tianjin University of Technology

The Development and Problems of Electrospinning Technology

Prof. Yan Yurong

from Soouth China University of Technology Electrospinning

A Tool to Modify the Ordinary and Establish the Outstanding

Dr. Chen Rouxi

from South China University of Technology

Bionic Design of Self-cleaning Nanofiber

Director Kong Huiyun

from Textile and Light Industry Brunch of China Textile Press

Seminar of Fiber Material Publishing of China Textile Press

Prof.Zheng Gaofeng

from Xiamen Univeristy

Nanofiber Membranes Efficient Molding and Application of Electrodialysis

Dr.Zeng Jun

from Guangdong University of Technology

Application of Electrofluid Dynamic Jet Printing Micro-manufacturing Process in Micro-nano Device

Prof. Yang Fanwen

from Guangzhou Medical University

Research of Melt Electrospinning 3D Printing Degradable Implantable Medical Tissue Patch

In the conference, the participants had discussions about experts' reports.


In the afternoon, the conference went into the second agenda, which was held by vice president Zhu Ziming of QINGZI NANO. And the discussion about electrospinning technology's applications and development in filtration and biomaterial field.

Many enterprise leaders had discussion on electrospinning's application and development in industrialization, and the professors and experts guided the enterprises about their problems. 

After the seminar, all participants visited the GDUT Collaborative Innovation Research of CNC Equipment and the base of QINGZI NANO.

At this point, Production-Learning-Research of Electrospinning Seminar 2018 was going to the end. Hope for the next gathering!


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