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Russian Scientists Have Found That A Nanometer Mask With Antibacterial Properties May Help Protect Against The New Coronavirus


Russian Scientists Have Found That A Nanometer Mask With Antibacterial Properties May Help Protect Against The New Coronavirus

Qingzi Nano Can Provide Up To 99.99% Antibacterial Filter Membrane

Russian scientists have discovered a material that can kill the flu virus, in the hope that it will protect against coronaviruses. Russian scientists have discovered a new material that can kill the flu virus, and they hope it could be used to make face masks to help protect people against both the flu virus and the new coronavirus.Scientists hope a material they claim kills bacteria and viruses could be used to make masks to help combat the new coronavirus.The main ingredient of this material is nano-silver with antibacterial properties, which is prepared by using a melt-blown process. Alexander Zanovic Medvedev, who worked on the project, explains that the process can be used to make polypropylene microfibers one micrometer in diameter. Medvedev is currently in charge of a laboratory at the Siberian branch of the Russian academy of sciences. It is unclear whether the study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. In a statement, Mr. Medvedev said he and his colleagues put the material inside a conventional three-ply surgical mask.The researchers tested the mask against influenza a viruses as well as staphylococcus and e. coli, said Nikolai Zakharovic Lyakhov, principal researcher at the institute of chemistry and technology. When the team compared the new material to a regular mask, the number of viruses penetrating the mask was 10,000 times higher. "Our material kills and completely suppresses the virus," Lyakhov said. However, he added that the mechanism of how the material works was not fully understood and would have to be studied in other research projects.The team believes the material could protect people from swine flu for up to 10 hours, compared with regular masks that need to be replaced every hour or two.The new mask will be reusable but will be more expensive than conventional masks, according to a press release issued by the institute of solid state chemistry and mechanochemistry of the Siberian branch of the Russian academy of sciences.

Lyakhov said he spoke with infectious disease experts. Since the masks kill the virus, "other viruses that are likely to cause respiratory infections are likely to be affected in the same way," the experts said.

Qingzi Nano nanofiber antibacterial filter membrane

Qingzi Nano self-developed nano-fiber antibacterial filter membrane, using advanced electrospinning nano-fiber technology, nano-membrane diameter of about 100~500nm, compared with the melt spray process produced by the fiber diameter is smaller, better antibacterial performance. Compared with the conventional use of silver as an antibacterial material, the Qingzi Nano team has overcome the yellow problem. The nano-fiber antibacterial filter membrane is used as the lining of the mask, effectively blocking and filtering dust, PM2.5 particles, filtering up to 99.99%, effectively inhibiting more than 650 kinds of bacteria and viruses such as influenza virus, MERS, SARS bacteria.




Due to the characteristics of small diameter, small void volume and small pore size, nanofibers can be widely used in the field of air filtration, which can filter viruses, bacteria, fine particles and other micro substances, and significantly improve the filtration efficiency of air filters.


Nanofiber equipment and technical solutions

In order to cope with the epidemic, our company actively organized the resumption of work and provided:

◆Nanofiber processing services;

◆Electrostatic electret processing service.


To assist medical and health materials processing enterprises to improve product performance and provide functional layer of nano-fiber, to resist bacterial invasion.

In view of the epidemic situation, our company developed: high efficiency and low resistance filter material and antibacterial filter material;The above two types can be used as core filter material or antibacterial functional layer:

◆Combined with PP, PET, electrostatic cotton and other filter materials to improve filtration efficiency;

◆It can also be used as a filtration/functional layer alone to achieve filtration or antibacterial functions;

◆Nanofilament was used to realize physical filtration, and the filtration persistence was increased 5 times;

◆Can inhibit common bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pneumoniae, etc.), antibacterial efficiency > 98%;

◆Solve the yellowing problem, durable and beautiful (our own intellectual property technology).

In response to this outbreak, our company actively cooperated with non-woven raw materials and finished products processing enterprises to provide customers with nano-fiber processing services. The materials are widely used in masks, protective clothing and other medical and health supplies.

Our nano-fiber materials can be widely used in household and industrial air filtration products, vehicle filters, water filtration, sanitary products and other filtration and antibacterial fields.

Looking forward to working with more colleagues from all walks of life to get rid of the new coronavirus as soon as possible!

Link to report: Russian scientists find silver nanoparticles mask may help protect against new coronavirus





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Qingzi Nano Can Provide Up To 99.99% Antibacterial Filter Membrane        
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