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What Are The Advantages of Nanofibers Made By Electrospinning Equipment?


What Are The Advantages of Nanofibers Made By Electrospinning Equipment?

1. Nanofibers Structure

(1) Beaded Structure

(2) Banded Structure

(3) Porous Structure

(4) Core-shell Structure

(5) Micro Convex Structure

(6) Fold Structure

(7) Helical Structure

(8) Oriented Array Fibre

(9) Nano Webs


2. Nanofibers Characteristics

(1) Length-diameter Ratio Is Large

(2) High Porosity

(3) Large Specific Surface Area

(4) High Surface Energy And Activity

(5) Quantum Size Effect

(6) High Degree Of Fineness And Homogeneity

(7) Solve The Agglomeration Problem Of Nanoparticles


3. History Of Electrospinning

(1) In 1934, Anton Formhals obtained the first American patent for electrospinning, which is recognized as the beginning of the preparation of fiber by electrospinning technology.

(2) In the 1980s, Donaldson was the first company in the United States to commercialize electrospinning fiber technology.

(3) In the 1990s, the Reneker team at the University of Akron in the US restarted work on the technology, which gradually gained a lot of attention in academia.

(4) In the late 1990s, electrospinning technology was introduced to China.

(5) In 2006, near-field direct writing electrospinning technology was first proposed.

(6) In the early 21st century, more and more research and development have been done on nanofibers and their preparation process, and various mechanisms and applications have been developed explosively.

(7) In 2018, Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co., Ltd launched the mass production line of nanofiber with multi-needle array nozzle technology.


4. Technical Characteristics

Electrospinning is an efficient technology for preparing nanofibers. Compared with other preparation technologies of nanofibers, electrospinning technology has the advantages of simple manufacturing device, good tunable fiber structure and strong technical combination.


(1) Electrospinning Principle

(2) SEM Diagram Of Disordered Nanofibers

(3) Near Field Electrospinning Principle

(4) SEM Diagram Of Ordered Nanofibers


5. Company Profile

Foshan Lepton Precision M&C Tech Co., Ltd Is located in Foshan national high and new technology industry development zone, is a company dedicated to the electrospinning technology equipment, electrospinning of nanofibers production line, tissue engineering scaffolds 3D printing devices, biological material 3D printing equipment, electrostatic droplet spray printing equipment, nanofiber products, nanomaterials research and development, manufacture, sales and technical services of national high and new technology enterprise.


6. Research And Development Background

Our company has established cooperative relations with Berkeley University, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Xiamen University, Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, Jinan University, etc.


7. Development History

(1) In 2004, the research team of electrospinning was established.

(2) In 2006, Xiamen university professor first proposed the principle of near-field direct writing electrospinning.

(3) In 2014, the platform for the industrialization of electrospinning was established.

(4) In 2016, we won the innovation team of imported talents in Foshan city, the high-tech enterprise certification, and the high-tech product certification of electrospinning equipment.

(5) In 2017, the general manager of our company was awarded "smart star" in Nanhai District.

(6) In 2018, it has been listed as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province

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