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What Is The Characteristics of PTFE Nanofiber Film?


What Is The Characteristics of PTFE Nanofiber Film?

PTFE membrane

1. PTFE air filter film;

2. PTFE electronic membrane;

3. Customize PTFE membrane;

4. PTFE composite;

5. PTFE clothing membrane;

6. PTFE bubble point membrane.


PTFE Air Filter Membrane Type

Characteristics of PTFE Microporous Film

PTFE microporous film prepared by the bidirectional drawing process is a kind of filtration material with excellent performance, whose microporous structure is staggered arrangement of node-microfibers, uniform pore size, and high porosity. It has the following characteristics:

1. Pure PTFE material, with high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging characteristics;

2. Small pore size and uniform, dust interception efficiency, up to 99.9995%; High porosity, high filtration efficiency, but also high permeability;

3. Low surface energy, good non-adhesion, easy to remove dust accumulation on the surface;

4. The micropores are small and dense, with the characteristics of surface filtration, which can clear the surface dust through pulse back blowing or water washing, and restore the service performance with long service life.

PTFE bubble point membrane type

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