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Qingzi Nanor's Achievement Was Reported By The State Authoritative Media


In the fight against the epidemic, it is urgent to produce high-quality protective masks.

After understanding the shortage of materials for mask production, as a supplier of nano-fiber manufacturing equipment, Qingzi Nano. called the staff to return to work in advance on January 28, and quickly carried out the research and development of antibacterial filter membrane materials, the transformation of nano-fiber filter material production line, and the OEM production of core filter material.Based on the previous research work, the company successfully completed the transformation of the automatic production line, producing 300,000 anti-bacterial mask filter membrane materials every day.The mask products have antibacterial properties immediately after they leave the factory, with antibacterial properties up to 99.99%.Now, we are working together with a number of cooperative units to upgrade the equipment and strive to meet the production demand of 2 million masks per day.

In response to the outbreak, Qingzi Nano has been working hard and has received positive responses from downstream application customers.At the same time, it has been widely reported by the mainstream media such as the Central Broadcasting Network and local media Foshan TV Station.

Qingzi Nano focuses on the development, production and sales of electrospinning equipment, including scientific and educational equipment widely used in domestic and foreign research institutes and industrial continuous production of nanofiber production lines.

At the same time, in order to cope with the epidemic situation, we specially carried out the processing of nano-fiber antibacterial filter membrane and electrostatic electret processing services.

Qingzi Nano Electrospinning Nanofibers Equipment

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